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Get ready for the Smart Scales. Just like the Smartphones, which became so successful that businesses and their employees now have trouble imagining a day without them, the Smart Scales are now going into businesses, large and small.

First introduced by Prime Scales, the Smart Scales can be connected to your computers, tablets, and Smartphones via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Radio Frequency channels. We provide hundreds of inexpensive or even free applications and software that allow you to process, save, print, and distribute the weighing data on your devices. This can immensely increase your productivity and save your labor costs.

We guarantee our Smart Scales series are affordable for small businesses. These devices are more powerful than some of the most expensive products offering similar functions. Even if you are not yet ready for the Smart Scales, it is always a good idea to purchase a “Smart Scale Ready” (SSR) device so you can upgrade them anytime when you think it’s the time.
When you see a logo showing SMART SCALES Ready on the product listing, you are buying a SSR scale.

SSR scales include all the industrial scales such as floor scale, pallet scale, counting scale, bench scale, shipping scale, balance scale etc. Your device is tested with data transfer and processing through RF, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.  You do not have to buy a different indicator other than the RF, Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet modules. The more exciting news is the SSR scales are easy to set up and are priced very reasonably. Our goal is to make great scales for businesses of any size. No matter if your company has one employee or one thousand employees, we have the perfect weighing solutions for you.

We have trained technicians in the following area.  If you are located in the blue-colored area, your local representatives will consult, install and service your equipment.


If you are located in the grey-colored area, please contact us at California head office to check the eligibility to dispatch our technicians flying over to your location.

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