Watermelon Sorter Weighing System

Our system partner Tara Systems has developed a weighing / controlling system called Watermelon Sorter.

This system can sort the watermelons by weight ranges (set points) and separate them using pneumatic arms.  It can operate on a 100’/min speed conveyor belt and provide very accurate and reliable readings and controls.  This system can be implemented in different industries as well.

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Palm Viewer Application

Imagine how cool is this: you take out your smart phone, open the Palm Viewer Application, click “connect” then the weight information is right on your smart phone.  You can add, subtract etc. right at your finger tips.

It is not just cool – it can save you a lot of time and money too.  We first implemented this item on our axle truck scales.  The trucks need to stop on the scale 3 times (on each axle) then add up all 3 readings to calculate a total weight of the truck.  Usually this is a two-man job.  One on the truck driving and the other one standing beside the scale indicator to instruct the driver when to go, when to stop.  Then to press the buttons on the indicator to add up the weight or using a calculator to do this job.

Although the Palm Viewer application can not drive the truck for you, it does remove the need of having another person assisting the driver getting the total weight.  The driver can take out his smart phone and watch the reading changing.  When it is stable, stop the truck then hit the Add button.  Then move on and repeat twice.  The entire weighing procedure only takes 20 seconds to complete.

The Palm Viewer can be used in different applications and industries.


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Full-channel Remote Control Floor Scales

Compared to other projects, this one is much simpler.  But it is very practical.  Imagine you are driving a fork lift to load a pallet on the floor scale.  The weight is displayed and it is ready to print.  you would have to jump off the forklift and press that print button on the indicator then jump back on the forklift when it is printing.  In some businesses, by safety code, you will have to turn off the fork lift when there is no driver on the seat.  If you load 50 pallets you will have to do this 50 times.  Why can’t this scale operate on a remote control – just like the TV in our house?  We can’t find any reason not to build in a remote control in a scale – so we did.  And the remote control is not just for the print – it can control everything including On/Off, Zero, Tare, Change Unit, Accumulation, Counting, Printing etc.  You can save the jumping on and off – just sit back and press the buttons at your finger tip!


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Real-time Inventory Monitoring System

“Closed For Inventory” – what a pain for your business.  However, every business more or less, has suffered from inventory control problems.  Theft, misplacement, miscount, wrong item pickups etc. will make your physical inventory different than your book.  The sooner you find the discrepancies, the more possibility to trace the reason and to fix the problem.   That’s why almost every business will do the physical inventory check on a regular basis.  But physical count has a lot of labor involved.  It is usually not perfect and most important – it will miss the best time to find out / fix the problem.

So a real-time inventory monitoring system is needed by every business.  It is a customized system designed for our clients.  For example, a customer has every items on pallets then on the racks.  We build weigh bars for each rack beam so the pallets are sitting on the weigh bars.  Each master carton and individual pack is RFID tagged.  When a worker take one box out off the pallet, the weight of the pallet changes.  So it will set off reminder asking the worker scan the tag.  Once the tag is scanned, the system will compare the item x quantity standard weight (pre-setup) with the actual weight subtraction.  If the difference is within the tolerance, a green light will be on.  So the worker can take it for his particular purpose.  At the same time the system will generate a log recording this action.  If the difference is beyond the tolerance, a red light will be on to remind the worker to double check.  At the same time, a camera will start recording.  If the worker is sure he doesn’t make the mistake.  He can press the override button to cancel the light alarm. The camera will keep recording for one extra minute then shuts off.  At the same time, this video will be sent to the warehouse supervisor.

This system can save a lot of time and money by managing the inventory efficiently.  The weighing system can be weigh bars, weigh pads or floor scales etc. depending on how the items are stored in the warehouse.

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Smart Count / Super Count Scale – the ultimate counting scale you need

Counting scales have been in the market for decades.  They use the simple total weight / unit weight = quantity formula.  You usually need to sample the item first to get the unit weight (or just type in the unit weight) before using the counting function.  Counting scales are usually within 100lb range.

So traditional counting scales have their limitations: first, they can not weigh / count very heavy loads with accurate sampling.  Second, it is extremely inconvenient to sample every item before counting – especially when you have hundreds or even thousands items to count.

The Smart Count scale can break through both limitations.  It uses a computer or a tablet or smart phone as data processor so the sampling and counting can be done on different scale bases.  For example, you can sample very small items on balances to get very accurate unit weight.  Then you can connect with a floor scale to count a whole pallet of this item.  It removes the limitation MCU sets for a scale.  When the sample weight is being set, it comes with the item ID, description even picture of this item.  All these information is stored on the computer / tablet / smart phone. So once for all – you don’t need to sample any more once the data is stored.


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In-line Scale Built for Conveyor Systems

Your productivity is our business.  And our scale can keep up with the speed of your conveyor system.  Accuracy can NOT be compromised.  It is not easy to achieve fast speed in getting accurate readings but we finally did it.  We designed an indicator which can configure the sample speed to the right point according to different conveyor systems.  We also increased the speed of the indicator sending continuous signals to the computers.

If necessary a bridge software can be used to fine-tune the signal when the application software is ready to capture the reading.  The function of the bridge software is to synchronize the frequency of data output to the frequency the application software capturing the data.

Another thing that may slow down the system is the label printers.  Although this is not our field but we did send our suggestions to the printer companies.  It is hard to increase the speed of printing but we can increase the speed by adding printers.  The application software should have the function to assign printing work to printer #1, #2, #3…as a cycle.  So theoretically we can achieve any speed for the label printing.


Watermelon Sorter System

Our system partner Tara Systems has developed a weighing / controlling system called Watermelon Sorter.

This system can sort the watermelons by weight ranges (set points) and separate them using pneumatic arms.  It can operate on a 100’/min speed conveyor belt and provide very accurate and reliable readings and controls.  This system can be implemented in different industries as well.

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Ice Cream Shop Inventory Control System

This system can control the ice cream inventory on daily base. I will create a log automatically how much ice cream is sold.  Compared with POS record the owner can evaluate the daily performance.

Most of the ice cream shops have this same problem: since the ice cream is sold by scoops, it is very hard to control the inventory, especially when the owner is not in the shop.  If the employees give to the customers too much or not enough ice cream, either the shop will lose money or the customers are not happy.  Weighing the ice cream on the scale is a good solution.  The system can send the weight information via Bluetooth automatically to the PC.  The shop owner can check the log at a regular base.  He can clear the log after he has checked the data.  When the log is cleared, it will be automatically archived in a certain folder for future reference.

The scale system has the following parts:

  • a 12″x 12″ platform scale with PS-IN202 indicator.
  • The PS-IN202 is connected with a PS-BT Bluetooth transmitter.
  • A Bluetooth dongle is needed if the computer doesn’t have a internal receiver.
  • Prime Interface software v2.2

This scale system is sold at $800-$1000 range.  The software can be customized with extra charge.

Ice Cream Scale



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